There is no charge for patrons living within  Ord Township to check out materials from our collection.  Property taxes are collected from residents of Ord Township to support the library.   Patrons living outside of Ord Township  are assessed a fee of $20.00 for a student, $30.00 for an adult, or $40 for a family library card.


The entire collection of materials consists of over 22,000 items. Besides BOOKS, the library has e-books and e-audio books, large print books, 4 newspapers subscriptions, 58 magazine subscriptions, audio books on CD, DVD’s, Lego sets, and puzzles.

Check Out Periods:
Books and Audio Books – 2 Weeks
Movies and Magazines – 1 Week

E-BOOKS – e-books and e-audio books can be checked out from the library by going through our online catalog and selecting the OverDrive link at the bottom of the page.  A valid patron number and phone number are needed for check out.  Questions?  (308) 728-3012 or email

INTERLIBRARY LOAN:  If we don’t have it, we can usually get it!  If you are looking for a specific item and we do not have it in our collection, we electronically locate other libraries’ holdings and borrow the item. $4.00 per title.


COMPUTERS:   Eight public access computers are available for use.

WIFI is available during library hours and is password protected. You may obtain the password by reading our internet policy and signing a form, agreeing to abide by the library’s internet policy.

DATABASES:  Public Access Databases have been made available by the Nebraska Library Commission for your reference work.

COPYING/PRINTING:   Copying/printing is $ .10 for black/white copies and $ .25 for color copies.

SCANNING DOCUMENTS is free of charge

FAXING begins at $3.00.  After six pages, it will cost $ .50 each additional page.

BESIDES JUST CHECKING OUT BOOKS… EVERYDAY, YOUR LIBRARY IS USED FOR:  Reading Newspapers, Job Hunting, Studying, Networking, Working on Puzzles, Meetings, Connecting, Book Clubbing, Researching, Laughing, Discovering, Surfing the Net, Lunch Breaking, Learning, Gaming, Genealogical Researching, Relaxing, Social Interacting, Growing, Community Building, A Safe Place to Be After School… or Anytime!
                                                                      CHECK US OUT!